Writer’s block? 5 Blog Post Ideas – if you don’t know what to write about

What to post in your blog?

You have to answer a bunch of emails, meet with a customer, and work on the design for your newest product. You couldn’t be busier, and then there is this content marketing thing: somewhere in the middle of all this, you have to write a blog post. You just feel overwhelmed. What can you post about?

Here are 5 quick and easy ideas for fun and interesting blog posts:

  1. Interview with yourself

Do you have an announcement? Want to talk about your new product? Want to recap what happened in the past year in your company? Interview yourself!

Ask yourself questions, and answer them. Your readers will love it.

Here is an example how Alissandra B. does it in one of her blog post


  1. 5 articles I sent to my friends this week or month

You can write about it every month. Collect the most interesting, helpful, trendy articles and videos you came across and that could be interesting for your readers. It can be interesting news, the latest industry trends, reviews of new apps, helpful tips, or pretty much anything that they might find useful, interesting, or entertaining.

Also, keep in mind that links that take you to another website are valuable for SEO purposes.

  1. Secrets from your company

Tricks and tips that people usually don’t know. Recap from the last conference you attended. Or you can write about what you do when you start to work with a customer, what ingredients you put in your product, what tools you work with… For you, these things might seem obvious, but your reader may not know about them and could find them interesting and helpful.

  1. Interview your customers

Ask a few questions in an email, and create a blog post based on their answers. It can be about your product, user experience, or how many ways they can use your product. Or anything else – maybe not even product related. You can ask other experts too; this way your posts gain additional meaning.

  1. Who are you?

Why don’t you share some statistics about your readers? Who are they? How old are they? What are your best keywords to bring you new readers? How many people read your blog? People love to read about statistics, and they especially love to read about themselves.


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