Author: Earl Peters
With more than 20 years in the technical communications and marketing industries, I am passionate about helping companies of all sizes create a better customer experience.
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Print Technologies Are Reviving Print Marketing

Print Marketing Isn’t Dead! Long Live Print! (Part 2 of 2) In our previous post, we talked about some of the reasons that print marketing is still very much alive and growing again in popularity. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the…

print marketing isnt dead

Print Marketing Is Dead – Long Live Print!

Print Marketing Isn’t Dead! (Part 1 of 2) “Print marketing is dead” is a statement I have heard numerous times in the past few years. In this world of digital, well, everything, printed documents are often considered a dying holdover from a different age. In many…


Being ADA Compliant in a Digital World

If you are a business owner with a physical location (office, storefront, factory, etc.), you are likely familiar with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Being ADA-compliant for a physical location means wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, Braille signs and controls, handicap-accessible restrooms… What about the digital world?…

Post-purchase user experience

Creating a better post-purchase experience

You made the sale. Now what? We typically put a lot of money and time into making sales. We invest in market research and advertising campaigns. We run promotions, print nice catalogs and brochures, and spend hours training our sales staff. But for many companies, the…

launching a new product

Thinking about Launching a New Product?

So you want to launch a new product? Here are a few things to think about… Launching a new and successful product is an amazing feeling! When those sales numbers come in and they exceed your expectations… When it’s the featured product on some popular TV…