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Be better at blogging – 8 blog secrets revealed

Your blog drives traffic to your website, engages your readers, and demonstrates your expertise in your field.

At least it should.

But does it?

Many companies who run their own blogs don’t get significant traffic from it, and don’t see any interaction.

Your blog will rank poorly if you don’t have high-quality, engaging content with proper SEO.

But how do you make your blog successful?

Here are 8 tips to make your blog grow:

Keyword Placement

There are many search engine optimization tips that you can use in your blog post. The most important trick that elite bloggers all know is to front-load keywords in your blog post content and titles. This means making sure that you use keywords at the beginning of your post if you can. However, it has to make sense, otherwise it won’t seem natural and people will feel like they are just reading a list of keywords. Make sure keywords work organically within the post.

Make Hyperlinks Open in New Windows

This simple blogging secret can dramatically increase your crawl rate. You don’t want your readers to jump to another website and leave you—you want them to stay on YOUR site!

Using this simple technique won’t take long to master, but it could dramatically improve your bounce rate.

Use a conversational tone

Use a conversational tone, and don’t use long, difficult sentences either.

If you wouldn’t say it in a casual conversation, don’t write it in your blog.

No one is going to go out of their way to read a blog that sounds like a research paper or an instruction manual.

In real life, you would use words like “you” and “I” so use them in your blog too, just like you would if you were chatting with your friends. Speak directly to your readers and add a little personality to your blog.

The biggest reason people keep coming back to their favorite blogs is because they like the blogger—so make them love you!

Post frequency

This one can’t be overstated! You need to be post at regular intervals. If you post on an inconsistent basis, you’ll lose repeat readers that look to you for their “blogging fix”.

If it’s a challenge for you to post regularly, ideally at least a couple of times a week, consider creating an editorial calendar to help you stay in track.

The more content and the more regularly you publish, the better chance your blog has to grow.

Be patient

Success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to stick with your blog, post consistently, work on it every day, and be patient.

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