Double your sales with follow-up

Don’t let potential customers go!

This strategy will bring your marketing to the next level


What happens if you wake up a potential customer’s curiosity, and then you let them go? They will probably forget about you, and when they see your competitor’s ad next month, they will likely buy their offer instead. Or if you send them a direct mail, but never call them back to confirm they received it and are thinking about it? Or when you give someone a product sample but you never take the step of asking if they wish to buy it? Or when someone looks around your store but leaves without buying anything? Double trouble.

You spent the money to wake up their curiosity, but you never profited from your investment. You lost the marketing expenses, and you lost a sale (or maybe even multiple sales from the same person).

How do you avoid double troubles?

It’s completely normal that a customer doesn’t buy something at first sight. What can you do to make them buy immediately? Other than giving them a compelling offer, you can’t do anything. That’s how we humans are. Look around, ask questions, think about it, and we don’t want anybody to push us to purchase.

However there is something you can do to not lose them completely as a customer.

If you can get that first contact with a potential customer, don’t let them go until they finally make a purchase. Now, I’m not saying that you need to lock the doors of your store and hold them hostage until they buy something.

What I am saying is that if you want to earn more profit, and to make your marketing tools more successful, you have to grab the customer’s attention, and like a pitbull, don’t let them go.

  • Did you have 12 sales presentations, and 3 people ordered? Great! What about the other 9?
  • Did you send out 1,000 direct mail flyers, and 8 people took advantage of the offer? Awesome! What about the other 992 people?
  • Did you send out 5,000 emails and received 10 orders? Good. What about the other 4,990?

If you are like the average entrepreneur, you let them go. But these people already looked at your offer, they downloaded your hook, they showed up, they showed interest in you. If you are good enough, you can turn more of them into actual customers.

Don’t let them go!

Send another mailer to the rest. And another.

Send a thank you card to the people who listened to your sales presentation but didn’t buy. You are going to send them a study next week.

Don’t let them go. They already have already seen your marketing message 2, 3, even 4 times and started to build trust in you. That’s where the money is at!

If you don’t take care of them, you will lose them in a minute, and you will lose all the money you invested in to get them interested.

Selling something is a multistep process. Once you accept that you may have to send 6, 7, or maybe 8 messages to a potential customer, you will win.

When you take your first step and you are not prepared for the next, and the next, and maybe 5 more ahead, don’t even start. Plan out the steps you will take if a potential customer doesn’t buy anything at first.

What should you send them?

  • Newsletter: if you already thought about buying something from a company, you will remember this every time you get a newsletter.
  • Study: share an interesting idea, or an article about your industry. Your readers will think you are helpful, and you can remind them: “I’m here to help you get rid of your problem”.
  • Phone: call them back and ask how they liked the latest article you sent / liked the product sample you gave them / whether they received the invitation for your upcoming event? Can they come?
  • Birthday: Give them a discount code, or a small gift. Or a small gift AND a discount code for their next purchase.

Just be there in their mind, be useful, trustworthy, and show your expertise. This simple technique can double your sales success!

Now stop reading and start creating!


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