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Cutting prices, giving discounts, special sales – everyone can generate leads with these old and overused methods. All you have to lose is your profit margin! But can you make your services interesting and compelling by offering up a small bonus and still keep your profit?

After one of my course, a business owner came to me and asked how he could make his products more appealing, and be sure he sells something that stands out from the crowd. So what ­could he do that makes his product offering different and more valuable than his competition?

Offer a bonus!

Your bonus has to be something that ties in with your offer. It should be something that the customer can use, and creates added value for them—without significant cost to you.

This approach works much better than simply cutting your prices, and is something that your competition rarely does, if ever, giving you something that sets you apart in the marketplace. It also allows you to offer a benefit that is much more useful and fresher than a simple sale.

What bonuses can you offer that are a great add-on a personal training service? How about things like:

  • Free bottle of nutrition for every plant purchase
  • Free decorative pillows for a couch
  • Free hand vacuum for a premium car wash

See the pattern?

The bonus ties in with your product, so people can use them immediately, and are happy to have the added product or service. It works as a great motivator, and it makes your offer stand out from your competition.

It can even be a great way to promote additional products or services that you may offer, giving customers a chance to experience those products or services. Or you can work with other businesses to create a co-marketing program for products and services outside your own offerings. By working with businesses, you can create an effective bonus program that will can help bring in new customers and upsell existing ones!

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