marketing goals

Marketing goals

One of the most stressful things I remember having to deal with was when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up – while I was still in high school. It’s really hard to answer this question when you are 16 years old!

The same thing applies with a business. When I am doing a one-on-one marketing consultation, I always ask my clients: what are the business goals you think you have to start working now? Usually the answer is “I have no clue”.

It’s not your fault. Unfortunately, we typically don’t learn how to set up goals while we’re still in school. Nor do we learn how to speak comfortably in front of people. Nor basic entrepreneurial studies. We learn the name of the first president, or the 50 state capitals, but we don’t learn how to manage a business!

So what are good marketing goals?

I hope you are already working on your yearly marketing plan; let me help you with some ideas that could be your main goal.

  1. See clearly

One of the best goals is wanting to know your marketing results. Show me an entrepreneur, and I will show you someone who has no clue how successful his or her last marketing campaign was.

Odds are good that you know how much your stocks are worth, but you don’t know the real value of your marketing expenditures. What kind of ROI are you getting from them?

Measuring marketing results is not difficult at all. However, this means giving up advertising your name or your image; it’s hard to measure how many sales they generate for you.

You have to focus on sales marketing in order to measure sales, or you have to put a measurable tool in your campaigns, such as a link to a campaign-specific landing page, a coupon code, or a special phone number for that specific campaign.

Don’t forget: when we start to measure, we automatically start to focus more on the results, and the outcome is a better service or better advertisement.

  1. Automate at least one marketing tool

What are you saying when you answer your phone is a new customer calls? What if an existing customer? If you send out a direct mail piece, how many days later do you call these potential customers to be sure they received it? If you aren’t the one making the call, who is? If someone buys from you, how do you upsell them to a better product or product package?

If you think that you do everything ad hoc just because you are a small business, you won’t achieve the success you are wanting. If you are marketing your business only when you feel like it, or it comes to your mind, or when you can squeeze it into your schedule, you are missing critical opportunities.

If someone asks you about your products, how do you present them? Take the time to create an email about what you offer. Make sure every important piece of information is included, and “hypnotize” the asker your response. So they won’t ask for more details.

Include a question/answer or FAQ section on your website. Put the key “attention grabber” elements in there, too. So you don’t have to answer over and over again.

Believe me, you will be more successful, and won’t miss any opportunity to sell or upsell!

  1. Make your customers loyal

Be sure you talk to your customers at least once a month. No, I’m not talking about “talking” literally, but communicate with them. It may be to send them an email or a regular newsletter. Or sending them a “Thank you” note. Or calling them to ask about how do they like the product. Share an interesting article with them. Or send them a brochure about new products. Or send out a direct mail piece promoting an upcoming event or promotion.

People usually buy from the first person to come to their mind. So when they want to buy products you sell, you want them to think of you first. You can be in their mind if you consistently communicate with them.

This is one of the most effective—and easy—marketing tools I could ever give you. It’s a mistake not to use it.

Here you go: three ideas to help you increase your success and sell more. If you want amazing results, think about what you would set as your goal for making your business more profitable. I guarantee that if you are ready to take action, and you will work on these goals every day, you will get great results!

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