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My name is Krisztina Rudnay, marketing strategist

My mission is to give the right marketing tools and strategies a small business owner or solo-entrepreneur can use to scale their business without breaking the bank

Your company can be successful and grow continuously if you do marketing, and do it right. Let me show you how!

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With more than 200 posts, articles, checklists, and how-to’s Marketing6pack’s blog is a “marketing manual”. Find your gold nuggets here:

7 steps sales copy template

7 steps sales copy template

Sales copy : How to write an effective one? The anatomy of a sales copy The copy doesn’t need to be flashy to sell. Doesn’t even have to do too difficult to write. People sometimes spend days, or even weeks on a sales copy. But if you have a good and proven template,...

43 marketing tips from the pros

43 marketing tips from the pros

When I first started in marketing, I used to write down marketing quotes I've heard, that inspire me every day and help me do better things in my business. In this article I collected 43 of my favorite quotes about digital marketing from some of the best-known names...

4 ways how can you use a chatbot

4 ways how can you use a chatbot

A few different ways how to use a chatbot: I will write about 4 of my favorites a business should have: Subscription bot Checkout bot Sales person bot Customer support bot People ask me: “Are chatbots going to fade away soon?” “Are chatbots the end of email...

Marketing video courses

Check out our video courses to learn how to make your marketing better, get more leads, and generate more profit. These short video courses give you the tools to boost your business. Learn today, apply tomorrow!

The complete Marketing Funnel

Everything you need to do before you launch any business or new product – without breaking the bank.

Messenger Marketing

This course will get you on the fast track with learning some amazing chatbot tactics and strategies that will give you an easy ROI!

Autoresponder campaigns

You only have to have a website, and a product (or service) you sell; I help you turn them into a Selling Machine.

Double your business - pricing blueprint

I ‘m challenging you to double your sales, no matter what business you own. Are you up for it? If so, you won’t go at it alone.

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Krisztina really knows her stuff. Very thorough on the explanations and gives a lot of examples. I learn a lot from her videos. Small tactics that make a huge difference and you won’t find elsewhere.

Jonathan Weinberger

She provides key marketing fundamentals and principles, that I applied and almost doubled the results and profit in the first 3 month. I truly find the videos super practical, actionable and valuable. Krisztina is to the point and over deliver by sharing valuable and beneficial strategies, tactics and principles, with real life marketing strategies,

Tajul Ghani

Great insights Krisztina. Strategic Marketing tips are clearly explained. Actionable examples and clear guidance for each step in building a marketing Machine. 

Thomas P

Marketing toolbox

Let’s face it—You’re busy and time is scarce. Fortunately, with 15 short eBooks, how-to’s, and resources, we’re feeding you with all the tasty little tidbits you actually need to succeed with your marketing.

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