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The strategy behind the ads – Facebook Ad Mastery


If you don’t advertise on Facebook, you are missing out. If you advertise, but your ads are not successful – you can boost their effectiveness with a tool called Facebook ad strategy

Techniques like throwing out some ads, creating ad-hoc campaigns, or writing ad copy in 30 seconds won’t generate the conversions you are looking for.

If you have a solid foundation for your ads, it will help guide you through the lifespan of your Facebook ads – from choosing an objective through targeting to retargeting.

Learn how to create a strategy for your Facebook ads from digital marketer and blogger Krisztina Rudnay, creator of several marketing video courses and author of multiple marketing books.

  • Real world examples show why some Facebook ads are good and why some fail
  • Ideas on what to advertise for cold traffic
  • How to grow a Facebook page for under $250/month

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