Retargeting for cold, warm and hot traffic

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Cold Traffic 


Not everyone clicking on your ads has heard of your brand before.

Cold traffic is anyone who visits your site and has no idea who you are. They are often the majority of your traffic, especially if you are just start building your brand.

These people find your site through free ads or through paid advertisements like PPC (pay-per-click), solo ads, or search engine listings.

Cold traffic typically has very low sales conversion rates because no trust has been established.

Cold traffic is often sent to a landing page (squeeze page with a sign-up form) where visitors sign-up to be placed on a list or to buy a low cost offer with little commitment on their part. The goal is to build your own mailing list.

How well you segment this cold traffic will determine the success of both your sign-up and conversion rates.

You should target cold traffic to:

  • Introduce your brand or products
  • Begin building a relationship with visitors in an effort to turn them into warm / hot traffic
  • Give them value and build trust
  • Show them your expertise

Your goals should be:

  • Learn as much as possible about them by monitoring their behavior on the site
  • Use a conversion tracking pixel to monitor their behavior and then target more relevant ads to convert them to warm and hot traffic
  • Segmentation: track different people with different offers based on their behavior

Which offer should you send them?

An “Offer” doesn’t mean an offer for a paid product. You can offer different things for cold prospects, just to encourage them to get to know you better and maybe convert them to a lead (no money involved yet). For example:

  • Send them to a blog post
  • Connect them to a Facebook update
  • Present them with a Hook Offer (or Lead Magnet)
  • Link them to a podcast
  • Offer a free webinar
  • Share interesting video content
  • Let them participate in a quiz or survey

The more interesting your offer is, the more people you will convert as a lead and visit your site.


Warm Traffic 

These are people who already know you: they have visited your blog, followed you on Facebook, downloaded your hook product, or showed some interest in your brand. These people are familiar with your business and market, but they weren’t interested enough to buy yet.

You have to run ads to your warm traffic that encourages them to convert to a lead or buyer.

At this stage of the customer relationship, you will be at the in-between phase where your potential customer is familiar with you, but doesn’t really know you well enough to buy anything at this point. You have to build trust and convince your Warm Traffic to order your product or services.

Goals for warm traffic:

  • Generate leads
  • Sell low-ticket offers

What to offer them:

If you want to generate leads, you have to offer a free product, such as

  • Free Webinars,
  • Product Demos,
  • Branding videos,
  • Free e-Book,
  • Free Trials,
  • Free plugins,
  • Essential Guides,
  • Whitepapers,
  • Quizzes and Surveys

If you want to generate low-ticket sales:

  • Paid Webinars,
  • Flash sales (a low-cost small part of your business offer or product)
  • Starter (low-cost) product
  • Paid e-Books or Guides.

You can ask for money from your Warm Traffic, but make sure your offer is low in cost and gives value. If not, you may not make it to the next stage, which is where the top dollars are.

Hot Traffic 

These are people who have already bought something from you. They’ve already committed. They know you really well, and know the value of your offers.

They know you, your products, or services well. And there’s a good chance that they’ll buy more: they could purchase additional products, upgrade their service, or send more projects your way.

Many entrepreneurs advertise to cold traffic only and as a result, they leave money on the table. Let’s see why it is good to advertise to your existing buyers.

The goals for hot traffic advertising could be:

  1. To upsell
  2. To re-engage with you, or re-activate those who haven’t bought from you in a long time

What do you advertise to these people?

Hot traffic is all about sales. You can land them on:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Offer pages
  • Event pages
  • Paid webinars

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