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Social Learning Groups: New Facebook Feature

Social Learning Groups: New Facebook Feature

By on Apr 27, 2018

Do you have your own Facebook group? Good news!  There is a new feature that will let you and your members engage more and provide increased value to your group.

With Social Learning learning center, you can create Video Courses that your members can take. It’s a great way to offer more in your group, and make it stand out from others in your industry. This Facebook feature is brand new, so try it now, before your competitor does!

For Group Admins, offering video courses will help you share your expertise and experience with your group. It also allows you to encourage participation and track results, while building the skills of your members.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say you already have a Facebook group.

Click on the 3 dots in the menu, and select “Edit Group Settings”

facebook social learning

You will have a list starting with the name of your group, the group type, and the landing tab.

Click on the Group Type, and select “Social Learning”

new facebook feature

Select where you want people to land after they have entered the group. Under “Landing Tab”, I selected “Discussion”, but you can also set them to land at your video courses, called Units in the menu.

facebook video course

marketing6pack VIP Club

Create a Unit

When you are done, refresh the page, and take a look at the left hand-side menu. It starts with About, Discussion, and “Units” has been added to the list.

Click on “Units”, and create a new Unit (this will be your video course). Add a name, a description, and check the box if you want your Unit to be “Optional”. For required courses, (ones where “Optional” is not checked), the user will see a progress bar and where they are at completing the required units in the course. If “Optional” is checked, that course is not added to the progress bar, and does not impact completion of your course.

Facebook video learning center


Create a video lesson

Now you are done setting up your Unit. The next step is to fill it with video lessons.

Click on Units, and you will see the created Units, which are currently empty.

Click on the name.

It will show you this on your screen:

Facebook features social learning

It shows you which Unit you are creating the “Post” for, what the title is, and allows you to upload media (a video lesson). You can add more than one video, or other media. This will be one video lesson in the Unit (the course).

It will be posted to your discussion board, and also saves the video course under the “Units” menu, where your members can go and take the course they want to.

You can create and organize as many video courses as you want, as long or short as you like.

Do you already have video lessons created? Upload them, organize them based on the topics, and let your members engage more with your brand, and give your Facebook group more value.

Not yet? Start filming now!


Watch the how-to video, and more in the members-only area:


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