Why is it important to build a list?

How do you connect with potential or existing customers to make them buy immediately?

Customers can be problematic

They come in, grab all your free brochures, look at your price list, and usually ask a million questions – or totally blow you off with a “just looking” when you try to talk to them. And then they walk out away without buying a thing. They say “They’ll think about it.”

It’s enough to make you crazy! They’ll buy when THEY want, not when you want them to. If you could just keep them on your schedule, wouldn’t things be so much easier? But there is another kind of customer that is even worse. They are what I call the tire kickers.

What would you say if I could show you a simple marketing tool that gives you the power to:

  1. Make customers buy when you want them to buy?
  2. Turn tire-kickers who are “just looking” into buyers?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you’re half right. It IS good. But also it’s easy to do – and doesn’t require a dime.

Think about it: The primary goal of marketing is to take control. Take control over a customer to make them:

  • buy whenever you want,
  • pay the price that is optimal for you, and
  • be respectful of your business and your time.

Most business owners have no control over their customers. It’s not uncommon to hear “Come back when you are ready”, or “If I give you x percent off, will you change your mind?”. Sound at all familiar? If you have customers that do this with you, they have the power, not you. Would you like to take the power back? Yes? Then listen:

Do you want a magnetic business?

This approach will work for virtually any type of selling, regardless of your product: whether you ‘re a travel agent, sell curtains, offer cleaning services, whatever.

Let me tell you the story of a car wash owner who woke up to a rainy day. The problem: it had already been raining for several days with short pauses, and rain was in the forecast again for the next few days.

As you can imagine, nobody came to the carwash.

But this business owner was smart. He had already taken the time to ask his previous customers to provide their email address. In return, he gave them an upgrade coupon for their next carwash, as a thank you for providing their contact information.

He currently has 142 regular customers, and gets an average of 10 new customers a week. Plus he has a website that gets an average of 10 new visitors a day. If he asks for their email address, and has a response rate of let’s say 50%, that’s 170 new addresses a month!   [this could be a graph/table]

Back to our rainy day

The weather didn’t look likely to change, and the carwash owner was concerned that he would have to close his shop for a few days until the sun came out. Then inspiration struck:

He sat down at his computer, pulled up his email list, and typed out the following email:

“Get a car wash this weekend, and if it rains in the next 5 days, your next wash is free.”

He listed the address of the shop, and his business hours.

So what happened?

This entrepreneur just informed 312 potential customers about a great special offer – all in about 5 minutes. Even if only 3 percent show up for a car wash, that’s 10 people in a period that he would expect nobody.

Good morning, entrepreneurs! If you don’t maintain a good contact list, including email addresses, for your current and potential customers, your business is weak. You don’t have the tools you need to reach out to potential customers with special offers and opportunities. You may be able to sell them in person, or with expensive advertising, but the real power is in your contact list. You can direct market to the right people – without spending any money.

How many customers do you have today? Simply by maintaining a list, you could double that number – or more!

How to make them buy whenever YOU want them to buy

Do you remember the customers who buy only when THEY want? Or just take your brochure and walk away? Yes, I’m talking about the tire kickers, the people whose mantra seems to be “just looking”. Let’s turn “just looking” into “I’m buying”!

If they’ll give you their email address, it gives you a “leash” to pull them back in whenever you want. Or turn a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. Or prevent them from going to your competitor.

If you can stay top of mind for them at all times, they will have faith in you and your products. This will make you stand out from your competitor.

What if you started building your list a year ago?

You’d probably have more than a thousand email addresses for potential customers by now! That’s people just waiting for you to send them your special offers and promotions. And you can’t beat the price of using email as an advertising tool – it is far cheaper than printing out flyers or advertising in the local newspaper.

Do you want fast results?

There are many other marketing tools that you can use in your campaigns, as well. I have already showed you a few, and have many more to show you. Having a list of customers’ emails makes these tools that much more effective.

What if you had started building your list a year ago? You would likely have at least a thousand email addresses for potential customers, just waiting for you to send them your special offers and promotions. And you can’t beat the price of using email as an advertising tool – it is far cheaper than printing out flyers or advertising in the local newspaper.

Stop reading and start creating!


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