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10 +1 tips for a successful DM campaign

10 +1 tips for a successful DM campaign

By on Mar 28, 2017

Who didn’t heard about Direct Mails?

Direct mail presents some unique challenges compared to other marketing techniques, but also opens up some great opportunities that many other offline marketing tools don’t offer.

How to plan and create a successful Direct Mail Campaign?

1) Start with your strongest tool

Some people save their strongest sales pitch for last, starting slow in their sales communication and hoping to build to a conclusion.

That’s a mistake.

Your potential customer will read for five seconds before they decide whether to continue reading or discard your communication.

The DM must grab your prospect’s attention immediately!

Know the “hot spots” of your direct marketing.

The headline, the first couple paragraphs, the last paragraph (80% of readers look at the P. S.), and the call to action. Put your strongest selling points in those spots.

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