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10 Beautiful And Smart Email Designs

10 Beautiful And Smart Email Designs

By on May 10, 2018

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Generate opt-in leads, set up a lead-nurturing email series, segment your lists, write email copy, check your email stats… it often feels like an email marketer’s life is overwhelming!

And what kind of marketing is really marketing if there is no creativity involved, right?

This desire for creative approaches applies just as much when it comes to email design.

While plain text emails can still be extremely effective, sometimes you want to amaze your subscribers with a creative and eye-catching email design, combined with a clear message.

And if you don’t have an idea how to do that, you can find inspiration in many beautiful and professional email newsletter designs. I have collected my 10 favorites:

Artifact Uprising

The natural colors make this email design clean and beautiful. The message is short, and impactful.

There is not too much text in the email body copy, but the reader doesn’t need more, because the pictures tell everything.

email design


This colorful email put you in the mood that Lush wants you to be in.

Instead of using stock photos, they took professional pictures of their product, which is shaped like Easter eggs, as the whole promotion is for Easter.

They also have a clear call to action for people to click through.

design email signature


Robinhood Crypto

The color contrast is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention.

The call-to-action and the social buttons really stand out from the dark background.

html email design

Paul Smith

Short and sweet.

A picture with their product, and call-to-action buttons to the categories.

Look at the benefits in the email signature. Brilliant!

email template

Topo designs

The red color catches your attention immediately.

They start with a good deal, then a bunch of examples that can you buy as last-minute gifts, and one single, clear call to action: visit their store.

email design example


The yellow and the black in this email design create a contrast that makes people read the message.

Then they list some of their services with a call to action and a fun picture for each.

Also, the email design is similar t their website design, so the visitor feels they are in familiar territory as soon as they arrive.

email newsletter design

Matches Fashion

The message is short and clear.

They include different topics of what you can do on their website that give the reader enough choices to find what they are interested in.

email designs



Who said that you have to use the same font in the entire email design?

Blurb shows that you can play with the different fonts, giving the reader a whole new experience in every section.

The clearly separated light and dark text chunks ensure that the subscriber truly understands the message.

email designs

The Grosvenor Arms

This restaurant/hotel is a good example of how impactful single action words are.

They use their call-to-action (Dine/Drink/Stay) along with a beautiful, high quality picture.

email design sample


This is Glide’s welcome message after you have downloaded their app and given them a rating.

It’s playful and has a friendly tone, but the call to action is not so clear.

However, they did one smart thing to strengthen their message:  they used an impactful testimonial with a real person at the end.

email design 2

Did you see a nice email marketing piece in your inbox? Share it with us in the comments!

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