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10 examples of good Facebook ads – why a Facebook ad works?

10 examples of good Facebook ads – why a Facebook ad works?

By on Feb 11, 2018

We all know that Facebook ads are a great way to get more customers, and leads.

But if your ad is not optimized, you will lose money on running Facebook campaigns.

So what makes an ad successful?

Here are 10 examples of Facebook ads that worked, and why:

Facebook Ad #1

Slack uses the Before/After grid amazingly, as they focus on how customers will feel after using their product. The picture is unique, trendy, and catches attention. The title tag is snappy and memorable (“Make Work Better”).

Facebook Ad #2

Heal knows how frustrating it can be to sit in the waiting room for a whole afternoon – even if you have an appointment. They make customers’ pain points the center of their messaging.

In addition, they use the powerful word “discover” and build trust by identifying well-known and respected organizations who have talked about them.

Facebook Ad #3

CoSchedule knows that mentioning the number of people using their product can help build instant trust.

The ad starts with the question: “Ready to get your marketing organized?” It’s always a good practice to start an ad with a question that addresses the audience’s problem or wish.


Krisztina Rudnay Facebook ebook

Facebook Ad #4

Freshbooks’ ad image presents a setup where people find themselves every day (at their workstation, with a cup of coffee), which makes it familiar to the ad viewer.

They know who their target audience is, and they are crystal clear about it.

Facebook Ad #5

Try The World knows that people love free stuff, and they use it cleverly in their ad.

Facebook Ad #6

Outbound engine’s headline is clear and to the point: If you use their product, you will have more time to spend relaxing. Their choice of image reinforces the message.

lunch break marketing meetings

Facebook Ad #7

Shopify realized that many of their potential customers have never considered selling their hobby creations, or starting a webshop.

This realization and the appeal of turning a hobby into income is what drives this catchy ad.

Facebook Ad #8

Overnight prints tested different placements and types of campaigns. That’s how they found out what their audience behavior is, what devices they use, and what resonates with their audience.

Facebook Ad #9

If you retarget your audience, like Sumo, meaning that you advertise to people who already know you, your copy can be a little longer than usual. This lets you provide additional explanation, or have a little fun.

Facebook Ad #10

The use of a single sentence for copy builds curiosity and is easy to digest, quick, and easy to read.

Simba tried video ads, carousel, text, images – to test which works best.


Which is your favorite Facebook ad? Share it in the comments!

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