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18 Lead Magnet examples that rock

18 Lead Magnet examples that rock

By on Dec 17, 2017

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Here are my best examples of a lead magnet:

  1. Checklists

Instead of providing a lot of detailed information, make it short and relevant! Checklists are a great way to do that. Try providing a checklist of things people should not forget when trying to accomplish a task; they help people stay focused and make sure they don’t miss any steps.

  1. Cheat sheets

A cheat sheet generally provides a shortcut to solving a problem. Your subscribers get a step-by-step process to reach their goal fast, and without any complications. Cheat sheets are typically a quick solution for a specific problem. They are straightforward, brief, and easy to digest.

  1. Swipe File

A swipe file serves as a quick resource for someone looking for fast solutions, whether it’s ready-to-go building blocks for a web page or proven subject lines for an email campaign.

  1. Toolkit

People tend to want to emulate the best. Your audience wants to know what tools the Pros are using. This makes toolkits very popular lead magnets.


  1. Worksheet

A worksheet is a great solution to help people to complete a specific exercise or figure out something. Consumers love simple things that save them time and money, and an easy-to-use worksheet can be a great incentive for them.


  1. Gated Content

People love that feeling of being “in the know”, and having information that most people don’t. Gated content is simply a blog post, or part of a blog post, that is hidden from the public. Readers can get it after opting in.

  1. Tutorial

Tutorial lead magnets teach readers how to do one specific task, with step-by-step instructions.

  1. eBook

Ebooks were great magnets in the past, but now they don’t convert that well. They are usually too long, and too time consuming to read. Try offering a checklist or a cheat sheet instead.



  1. Infographic

We all know that infographics are a great way to get attention and share information in social media. But did you know that they are also great lead magnets? Many people need to visualize a concept before they can fully understand it. So instead of writing it down and give readers a bunch of text information, illustrate it, and create a much shorter, faster way to consume content.

how to earn relevant backlinks seo infographic

  1. Educational Video

Videos not only include a visual component, but they have audio as well. Plus, you can show your personality, introduce your team, or present real people giving testimonials in front of the camera.

  1. Webinar

Like video and audio lead magnets, webinars also have high conversion rates. They are even more irresistible than a video, because they have another component: urgency. Since live webinars only occur at specific times, they play on the “fear of missing out”.

  1. Email Course

It’s relatively easy to put together an email series, because you really don’t have to do anything fancy. Simply write a few emails and put them together in an autoresponder. The best part about email courses is that they can convert prospects into customers.

  1. Quiz

A quiz is the most entertaining lead magnet, and that’s why it converts so well!

  1. Challenge

Usually fitness brands and brands focused on healthy eating offer up challenges, and because they convert so well, other businesses can try it out, too. A challenge can be built around virtually any business model.

  1. Facebook Group

Inviting people to join a private Facebook group shows that people really do value communities and “belonging”.

  1. Free Trial

If you’ve ever shopped around for an app or a software tool, you’ve probably seen a ton of these lead magnets. Most retail companies will have a call to action to sign up for a free trial or demo. That’s how they get your email address.

  1. Coupon

A coupon works really well at generating leads, because most people like to catch deals. Your brand should give those people what they are looking for in exchange for their email address.

  1. Case Studies

People love to read case studies. This type of lead magnet works effectively because they demonstrate to your prospect that you have solved a problem similar to their own, and that you can help solve theirs, as well.


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