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6 Strategies to Use Google Adwords to Grow Your Business

6 Strategies to Use Google Adwords to Grow Your Business

By on Aug 11, 2017

Adwords is difficult – I often hear.

But it doesn’t have to!

The businesses looking to leverage investment on PPC internet marketing can get the best response from target audience using the Google Adwords, the leading online advertising platform.

Don’t you believe? Read more.

You can get started with a small investment and gradually increase the amount based on your business expansion goals and other requisites. You can get the best return on investment for each cent spent provided you prepare a robust marketing plan.


  1. Set up Google Adwords Account

This is the first step where you need to determine several factors:

  • Purpose of the Adwords account
  • Advertising, settings and features you want to use to gain maximum benefits
  • Specific geographical location to target

Consider local optimization by adding your address and contact details to gain listing in Google maps. This will help the audiences to spot your shop, business location or website easily.


  1. Identify Your Target Audience

To know your target audience, determine some aspects about the product line or services you want to advertise online:

  • What is the age group of people using your products?
  • When do your audiences research the web for shopping?
  • What devices do your customers mostly use?

You can research your website traffic and analysis reports to get plenty of relevant information.


  1. Use Appropriate Keywords

Use the Google Keywords tool to find the most suitable search terms and phrases, your audiences use to find similar products and services. You can use location keywords and long-term semantic search terms based on your budget. You can bid on the most relevant keywords to get increasing audience response.


  1. Write Powerful Ads

The text based ads are one of the most influential formats supported by Adwords. You will get limited space Create the text ad very tactfully to make it captivating enough to persuade the audiences to click through the link.


  1. Develop Catchy Design for Your Landing Pages

The landing page is the destination; the audiences will reach after clicking on the ads. Even if they find the text ad powerful, you may lose sales if the landing page is not up to the expectations of the customers. In that case, the bounce rate may increase ruining your ad campaign and money. There is no end to improving and optimizing your landing pages. If you already have the landing page, here are some basic improvements to change the audience response rate:

  • Make the forms simple with minimum fields
  • Improve the page contents with valuable information
  • Use high resolution images and explainer videos
  • Your landing page must be mobile-friendly
  • Include a clear but impactful call to action message


  1. Track the Adwords Campaign and Performance

You can regularly check your Adwords analytics to check how well the ads are performing. Based on the analytics reports, you can keep optimizing your account to improve the sales. Check for elements including:

  • Landing pages
  • Click through rates
  • Devices where your maximum audiences are
  • Ad optimization


Summing It Up,

Google Adwords is the largest paid online advertising network in the world allowing the brand owners, manufacturers and service providers reach the genuine buyers to gain better sales and revenue generation. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to use Google Adwords like a pro to cope up with existing market competition and grow your business faster.

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