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7 things that don’t affect search ranking

7 things that don’t affect search ranking

By on May 4, 2018

There are factors that don’t directly affect your ranking in search engines, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to use them.

Combined with other SEO techniques, they can support each other, generate better ranking, and improve visibility for your page.

Let’s see the things that don’t affect search ranking:

  1. How old your website is

Does Google care if you registered your site in 1994, or 2006, or 2017? No, they don’t care at all.

However, creating content for several years or decades helps build links and authority signals which are strong ranking factors.

But if you can do the same within 2 years, that’s great! Google will reward your hard work.

  1. Meta keywords

Search engines used to use the keywords in meta descriptions to rank sites, but not anymore.  Search engines got a lot better at figuring at what pages are about.

Use meta descriptions to explain to visitors (not search engines) what your page is about, and give them a call to action, a reason to click on it.

Let’s see what else you might didn’t think of:

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