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Ads that don’t work – don’t make these mistakes

Ads that don’t work – don’t make these mistakes

By on May 23, 2018

Business owners sometimes think: “This ad didn’t generate any sales, but at least it built up our name in the marketplace”. In my opinion, this ad is unsuccessful. An ad that doesn’t work. An ad is successful when it makes money.

If it builds your brand, that’s a great side effect, but the main reason you pay to create and run an ad campaign is to get new customers and sell your product.

Mistake #1: A list of your services is not an ad

ads that dont work listing services only


Marketing capital offense:

Simply listing your products or services
is NOT an ad.


Mistake #2: Your business name is not an ad

Building a brand with image ads, where you simply advertise your name like Coca Cola or Mercedes does, is the privilege of big companies. You, as a small company with limited budget, just can’t do it.

Look at your ad. If it has your company’s name in the headline, you are doing it wrong. Readers ultimately don’t care about your name. They don’t care if they buy a load of bricks from you or from another company. They don’t spend time debating whether to enroll your language school or another. They don’t care about your brand. They care about themselves, and how they can benefit from your services.

ads that dont work brand ad

Marketing capital offense:

If your ad is your brand’s or your company’s name.

beginners marketing guide marketing video course

Mistake #3: The ad is about you

I understand that you spend most of your time building your company, but the reader doesn’t care. They care about how your company can solve their problems, how it can help them achieve their goals, and how your products or services will benefit them.

Napoleon Hill has an example about an old lady who came into a store to buy a heater. The salesman started to talk about the size of the heaters, how powerful they are, what kind of technology they used, etc., when the old lady asks back:

“I don’t understand anything about all that. Can you show me a heater that will keep me warm?”

pest control

Marketing capital offense:

Talking about you and your company instead
of the customer.


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