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Bloggers! How to write your editorial calendar?

Bloggers! How to write your editorial calendar?

By on Jul 18, 2017

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It won’t take more than 10 minutes… You should develop an editorial calendar that helps you plan out when you will post different pieces of content.

Just answer these 6 simple questions to put together a plan:

blog editorial calendar

1) The date when the piece of content will be published

When do you want to be ready with the content? It’s more important if you have 4-5 (or more) content pieces planned ahead and want to keep track. Some companies create their editorial calendar months ahead of time.

If you think ahead, you can build your content around a campaign, a season of the year, or major events like the Oscars or a Presidential Election.

2) The author of the content (who will create the content)

If you run your company by yourself, and write your content yourself, it’s obvious who will create the content.

But if you have a team of content creators (writers, videographers, photographers, etc.), you should know who is in charge of each piece so that they know what is next on the priority list.

This is also important so that you can schedule partners or subject matter experts if you want to create interview-type content.

3) The content format

There are 4 main formats: text, video, audio, and picture.

But you can be more specific at this point. Is it an infographic? A blog post? A YouTube video? A course?

4) The topic or headline of the content

If you have a blog, you have to choose which category you want to write the content to.

Don’t go crazy with categories. 6-8 is enough, don’t create more.

It looks better 10 articles in a category, or 1-2 articles in 10 different categories. Also, it’s more user friendly.

5) The structure of the content

We will talk about later about the different types of content you can use.

There are many different types of posts, allowing you to select the best one for your audience and message.

For example, is it a “How-to guide?” A “List”? Q&A? If you know the structure, you can build the appropriate template(s), and then you just need to develop and the specific content for the topic you choose.

6) What is the CTA?

Review what kind of offers you have (lead magnets, starter product, core product, consulting or promotion).

If you don’t have offers, that’s ok, but if you drive the visitors to an offer page, you can receive the measurable results that content marketing brings you.

Make it priority #1 to create offers, even if its something as simple as a lead magnet for email subscriptions, or an entry-level priced product to convert more leads to sales.   Share this article if you liked, and leave a comment bellow!

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