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Chatbot blueprint for coaching business

Chatbot blueprint for coaching business

By on Jun 6, 2018

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There are a lot of ways to use a chatbot.

Facebook Messenger bots give you an opportunity to engage with your followers, answer their questions, or guide them – and all of this through an automated tool. You don’t even have to look at the conversation, your chatbot will handle everything (OK, almost everything).

If you are a business coach (or offer other coaching services), and you collect leads for a consultation call, here is a blueprint of how you can automate it in Manychat:

  1. Collect information

chatbot blueprint for coaching

In this example, we ask for their business type, and save it as text in a custom field, called “business type”.

  1. In the next message box, I typed “What is your biggest goal in” and I selected the “business type” user input. It will show the user the response that they previously typed in this field.

chatbot sequence custom field

In Facebook Messenger, it looks like this:

chatbot sequence for coaches

  1. After this, I have different quick reply buttons with their goals.

If they click on a quick reply, they have to select the date and time for their consultation call.

chatbot blueprint

When you create a new custom field for the date and time, don’t forget to check to be sue that it saves in the right format, otherwise you can’t publish your flow.

chatbot blueprint for coaches

The user will see this:

chatbot date and time

chatbot blueprint

  1. Create a confirmation sentence with the new custom fields. In this example, it’s: See you at “date2” to talk about your “business type”.

chatbot sentence with custom fields

It will look like this in Facebook Messenger on the user’s side:

chatbot sentence on users end



Create an action to notify you if someone clicks on “Thanks see you” button. Modify the text using the new custom fields:

manychat action

And Manychat will notify you with the details of the user (the answers he typed in the user input). It will look like this:

Manychat sentence on users end

Now you have a notification whenever you have a new lead, and you have already collected basic information that you need to prepare for the call.

This is just one of the countless ways you can use Manychat. This blueprint is for coaches, and provides a good starting point.

Use it if you are an online coach, and have meetings or consultations.

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