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Creating a Facebook “Offer Ad”

Creating a Facebook “Offer Ad”

By on Jul 7, 2018

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Before you get started

To create a Facebook offer ad for a Page, you must be an admin. If you’ve just created a Page, the option to create an offer becomes available after three days.

Things to remember about a Facebook offer ad:

  • You can’t edit offer ads after they’ve been published
  • You can mute offers after they’ve been published
  • You can limit the number of offers
    Use the “Total Offers Available” option to set a maximum number.


Promo codes

When creating offer ads, you can choose between generic codes (which can be used by anyone), unique codes (limited to one per person), or scannable barcodes.

Unique codes can help control how many offers are available.

  • Generic promo codes: Generic codes can be used and shared by anyone (Ex. “25OFFNOW”).
  • Unique promo codes: Only available for offer ads. When you upload unique codes, each person who saves your offer will get a different code.
  • Barcodes: Only available for offer ads. Facebook’s Help Center provides detailed guidelines on formatting barcodes or QR codesthat can be scanned at point of sale.

Create an offer ad

  1. You can choose either Traffic or Conversions as an objective

Facebook offer ad objective2. After you set your objective, you will see a section labeled Offer. Toggle the button to ON.

3. Select the Page you want to associate the offer with, then click Create Offer.

traffic offer ad4. Add your offer details and choose where it can be used. Set up a unique promo code or barcode, if you want.

Facebook offer ad details5. Choose your audience carefully.

Facebook offer ads audience selecting

6. Choose where you want your ad to be placed.

Facebook offer ad placement

7. And set the budget and schedule.

Set budget Facebook offer ads

8. Choose a format and any images or videos you want to use for your offer, and write a compelling description.

Facebook offer ad creative

9. Click Place Order.

Measure offer ad performance in Ads Manager

You can see some metrics in the report generated for your offer ad, for example stats like number of link clicks, people reached, and cost per result.

It’s always a good idea to analyze your Facebook offer ad campaign. It’s a great way to see what worked, and what not so well, so you can plan your next campaign better.

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