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Your budget is almost empty and you need new clients fast? Do you use cross marketing? (case study)

Your budget is almost empty and you need new clients fast? Do you use cross marketing? (case study)

By on May 6, 2018

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How to make $24,000 in 4 weeks with a $10 product, with $250 investment? Attention local businesses!

There are some instant marketing techniques that land you a few new customers very quickly. Well, not just a few. Done right, they can bring in a lot of new customers in just a short period of time. Cross marketing is one of them.

Let me demonstrate how this works with an example:

Anne was having a tough time of it.

As the owner of a small neighborhood gym, she feared the worst when a new LA Fitness mega gym opened its doors nearby. Some of her existing customers left to try out the new place, and she couldn’t sell a single membership to replace them or grow her business.

Anne’s gym was great – new equipment, experienced trainers, and a great atmosphere with convenient hours, but she simply couldn’t compete with such a big chain. Rent, salaries, and other necessities weren’t cheap, and she didn’t have the money to launch an expensive and aggressive marketing campaign.

Her friends advised her to close the gym and get into another business, because she simply couldn’t compete with the marketing power of a big chain.

Or could she?

Anne wasn’t ready to give up her dreams. She needed to find an inexpensive marketing solution that could achieve big results in a short amount of time.

She chose something very simple and incredibly powerful: she asked other people’s clients!

Within a month, her gym was at full capacity, all of her possibly memberships were sold out, and she had a 2-month waiting list of interested clients anxious to sign up.

Would you like to hear how she did it? Of course you do!

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