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Don’t advertise your product! Use this instead:

Don’t advertise your product! Use this instead:

By on Oct 19, 2017

Do not advertise your product directly. Instead, if you want good results, use this:

Good job!

You’ve finally started advertising on Facebook. You set up your audience, wrote a compelling post, uploaded some pictures, and gave it a go!

You sit patiently in front of your computer and wait for the buyers. But they don’t come.

What’s the problem?

Maybe not enough people saw the ad? You take a quick look at the analytics and see that it has 4,285 impressions.

So maybe people didn’t click on the ad? You look at it and you see more than 170 clicks.

170+ people saw the site and not a single one made a purchase?! Why?!

Some possible answers go through your head: The product might be too expensive. Or it’s not a good offer. Or the landing page is not compelling enough. But none of those make sense.

You are confused.

But the problem is not really with your ad, but with something quite different.

The problem is:

You should not advertise your product

I see many businesses still advertising or trying to advertise their product. They post only their products and offers focused on their products on social media. They advertise their product, and they communicate only what they have.

That is a big mistake!

If you have never run an ad before, you are advertising to a cold audience, people who never heard from or of you. People who don’t know your business don’t know your brand. They are not likely to click on an ad and make a purchase.

So first, you want them to get to know you.

But how?

1. Promote your page for likes

This type of ad is a good one for those who are active on Facebook, and focus their marketing efforts there. A common mistake of enthusiastic beginners is to launch a Facebook page or group, and then post only about products, because “that’s how we find buyers”.

If your page is like this, and you start to promote it, don’t assume that you will receive too many likes.

Think about it! You found a page, because the name caught your attention, or you found some of their content interesting.

What do you do first?

You look at the page: what it is, what it is about, why it’s worth following.

If you see it’s full of advertisements, offers, and product demos, it is pretty unlikely that a visitor will find interesting content that catches their eye, and informs, helps, inspires, or makes them laugh. The page should capture attention and keep it by giving them something of value.

But don’t spend your entire advertising budget just trying to get page likes. Your posts are visible to only 1-2% of your followers. Unless you boost them, you won’t reach your whole audience.

2. Promote a post

If you are selling a service, education, or counseling, you can quickly build your reputation by posting articles or new blog posts. You are providing value to your followers, and they already visit your website, read your blog posts, and will remember your name.

Just share your blog post’s URL in your Facebook post, with a short explanation of who the intended audience is, and how the blog post will help them.

Boost the post, or create an ad for it.

In your blog post, once the visitor has arrived, you can ask them to download your lead magnet, follow you on social media, or buy your tripwire product.

3. Two birds with one stone!

While a paid product is difficult to advertise, a free lead magnet is much easier. Give them a valuable lead magnet as an incentive to opt-in! The lead magnet’s thank you page is a good opportunity to ask them to follow you on social media, or buy a low ticket offer.

Of course, you can’t neglect your newsletter once they opt in. You have to send out new content regularly, and remember to keep it 90% educational, and 10% promotional.

  1. Convert a piece of content into a video ad

You probably also have your number one blog post or a great piece of content that still brings traffic and generates conversions.

Every brand does.

Turn that content into a short video and promote it on Facebook. Don’t forget to place a clear Call-To-Action in it, and make it short, packed with great value.

Okay, but to whom do I advertise all of this?

Good question.

If I ask my customers who is in their target group, they typically say something like “Working urban women between the ages of 30 and 50 who are demanding and can afford more expensive, quality products”.

Unfortunately, this setting is not in the Facebook ad features.

That is why you need to think a bit more carefully over what you know about these demanding urban women between the ages of 30 and 50:

  • What magazines are they reading?
  • What kind of TV shows or series do they watch?
  • What social media pages do they follow?
  • What are their favorite movies?
  • Who is their favorite actor?
  • Do they have children?
  • What kind of degree do they have?
  • How much money they make?

Krisztina Rudnay Facebook ebook

How do you convert the followers into buyers?

1.    Filter out who may be interested through your next offer!


2.    Encourage them to be curious and stay engaged

(with retargeting ads)

3.    And then (and only then) start to advertise your offer.

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