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Facebook 101: Boosted posts

Facebook 101: Boosted posts

By on Dec 15, 2017

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Another good way to make your posts shown to your followers is to boost your posts.

A boosted post is an organic Facebook post that was originally on the timeline of your Facebook page, and that later was boosted with advertising money for as little as $5. Facebook gives you the ability to promote posts that already exist on your page.

Boosted posts appear higher in the newsfeed and they will appear on a person’s newsfeed more than once.

You can include more in the description, as there is no limit to word count on boosted posts like there is in ads. You can also include a link in the copy. But once the post is boosted, you can’t edit it. You can only edit the cost and the audience.

Boosted posts can be a convenient solution, however, be aware that boosted posts also leave you fewer options for bidding, targeting, and pricing than regular Facebook Ads.

Boosted posts work like this:

When you boost a story, a higher number of people will see that post than normally would. Now they are reminded about you. If the post is good enough to share, like and comment, Facebook will think this is a valuable content, so next time when you post something, even if you don’t pay, more people will see it in their news feed. And if the engagement continues, your next Facebook post will reach more people for less convension rate than the first one.

You can boost a post for women only. Or 20-35 year olds. Or who lives in a specific area. Or who enjoys outdoor activities, or like wine.

When is a good time to boost a post?

The best time to use a boosted post is when you want to reach more of your established followers with that specific content for an extended period of time. For example, you could boost a picture, a blog post, or a video that you wanted more of your followers to see. You can also set up how long you want your boosted post to be visible in followers’ newsfeeds.

What makes a boosted post successful?

  • It’s visual
  • It’s provocative
  • It’s entertaining
  • It’s surprising
  • It’s relevant
  • It provides value
  • Gives a lot, asks for little
  • It has a clear call to action

What posts are good for boosting?

I used to see great tips from a marketing guru that I followed on Facebook. Every time he posted a new article or video, they would appear in my newsfeed. Now I almost never see his posts in my newsfeed because he doesn’t boost his posts anymore. It’s kind of frustrating, because I really enjoyed his tips, and now I have to remind myself to find his page and check it out for new content.

Many of your followers feel the same way. They were used to seeing your posts on a regular basis. Then you disappeared. If you stop boosting your posts, they have to search you out to keep up with any news about you.

You can help them out:

Boost the type of posts that have always engaged your followers the most. For this reason, if you want to reach your current followers, always boost your post to your followers only, not for new people from a new, targeted audience.

If a large percent of your customers will interact with your post, you know it’s something good, what people are interested in. That’s the post you should boost. If you put out content and it doesn’t generate engagement, you have to work on it more, repost, and see how it does.

So you have to consider to boost posts what are not actually sell, but creates a huge engagement.

If you want to drive new traffic to your fitness blog or your workout videos, link to them on Facebook and then boost the post. Give these new readers something to really chew on. Give them a reason to like your page, subscribe to your Youtube channel, or sign up to your email list.

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