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Facebook ad checklist (Infographic)

Facebook ad checklist (Infographic)

By on Aug 7, 2018

Creating a successful Facebook ad is a lot of work.

There are a lot of things that have to be in place: the objective, the headline, the picture or video, the Call to action, and more. Sometimes it feels overwhelming.

You know what should you write to create the perfect ad, but sometimes we miss out small things. Me too.

That’s why I created this checklist to be sure everything is right in your Facebook ad:


-Does the campaign have one clear goal? (sell something, get leads, subscribers, etc)

-Is the goal clear and measurable?

-Do you have a clear message that you want to go through to your audience?

-Did you use a different creative message for men and women?

Ad Sets

-Is your campaign budget clear and known?

-Did you choose a bidding strategy?

-Did you choose a cost model? (CPC or CPM)

-Did you set the dates?

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Ad types

-Did you choose the ad type that best suits your business goal and did you set it according to your campaign goal?

-Did you check different ad types under different ad sets?

Audience targeting

-Did you use a custom audience?

-Did you make sure that every ad set is divided into different audiences? Are your custom audiences have their own name?

-Did you make a separate ad set for iOS and Android? (This is more relevant for those who run a mobile app campaign)

-Did you define age groups to target?

-Did you define where your target group is located?

-Did you define interests of the target groups?

-Did you include place where they hang out, movies they watch, books they read?

-Did you save your targeting settings in case you want to re-use them?


-Is the landing page resonate with the ad’s design? So visitors feels they are on the right page?

-Is the landing page connected with Google Analytics?

-Did you use an appealing headline?

-Does the picture attract attention?

-Does the page logo (the page’s profile picture) stands out and represent your brand?

-Did you use the recommended picture size?

-Is the content written in a way that best suits that audience?

-Does the text let the user know where they will end up after clicking on the ad?

-Does the text include a call to action?

-Did you make sure the text doesn’t get cut in a problematic way?

-Did you check grammar errors and typos?

-Do you test different pictures, headlines and body text?

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