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Facebook ad strategy in 5 easy steps

Facebook ad strategy in 5 easy steps

By on May 18, 2018

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Facebook has become an essential online marketing channel for small businesses.

Therefore, there’s a huge potential in creating Facebook advertisements.

Developing advertising strategies on Facebook is easier than you expect, and almost everyone you would want to reach is there.

Users go to Facebook to see their friends and family, to look at their pictures, to check out their updates. Facebook ads are placed in with this content in the stream. Your message will appear between vacation pictures, memes, and the puppies or kittens.

Table of content:

Have a goal

Choose your method

Build a strategy

Create your ad

Measure your ad results

Here is how you create a Facebook ad strategy – step by step:

  1. Have a goal in mind 

In order to set up a successful Facebook ad strategy, you have to first answer this question: what do you want your ads to do?

Do you want more followers? More visits to your website? More sales? More engagement? No matter what your goal is, there is a Facebook marketing objective for you!

  1. Choose your method 

The type of Facebook ad you run should reflect your marketing goals. What type of ads can you choose from?

Like ads

Use this if you want more followers to your business page.

Example: Ryan Holmes

facebook ad strategy

Engagement ads

Post a relevant, provocative question or statement to your audience to get likes, shares, and comments.

Reach people near your business

Use this if you have a local business and it’s tied to a geographical area.

Send traffic to your website

This is a common strategy when you are targeting cold prospects and want to give them some valuable information before converting them to buyers.

Example: Plated

FB ad strategy

Lead generating ads

Use this type of ad you to grow your email list.

Example: Try The World

Facebook lead generation ad example

Response ads

If you want more people to go to your event, run an event response ad.

Catalog ads

Use this if you have more than one product to showcase.

Example: Nike

Facebook strategy catalog ad

Get people to visit your store

If you have a physical location, this is a great option if you want online people to visit your offline store.

Boosted posts

Increase the reach of your most important post by boosting exposure to your page’s fans and to their friends. Boost a post when you want a lot of people to see your update.

  1. Build a strategy 

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