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Facebook is down: this is how to be prepared

Facebook is down: this is how to be prepared

By on Mar 13, 2019

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At the moment, we can’t post or send messages on Facebook and Instagram – but I don’t mind – and you don’t have to either:

Pain in the butt?

It is.

For us too. Ads are running, post should be scheduled and submitted…

But we are not worried. And you won’t have either. Better: you will be confident, because you are prepared.

What to do when Facebook is down?

  1. Create scheduled posts in a Word document, or whatever you use for creating content.
  2. If you have an active campaign, focus on the other channels. Send out an extra email to your list, or upload a video on YouTube, or post an article on LinkedIn.
  3. Create content in advance: a short video, a longer post, brainstorm about poll ideas or how to make your followers more engaged.

If you ever lose a marketing channel for some reason, that will show how strong (or weak) your marketing is.

And while we are waiting for new posts to Facebook, see what we have to offer, and learn how can you grow your company.