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‘Facebook Lead Ads’ Secrets

‘Facebook Lead Ads’ Secrets

By on May 27, 2018

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Why Facebook lead ads?

When you collect a lead’s personal info, you send them to a dedicated landing page where they can enter their email address and get access to a freebie.

Quality leads usually do that.

They are so interested in your offering that they make the effort to visit your website and type in their information. But what about leads who are not that interested?

Who are maybe interested for a second, but not enough to leave Facebook and read your landing page?

That’s where Facebook Lead Ads come in place. Instead of sending users to a landing page where they’ll fill out a lead form on your website, Facebook lead ads allow potential customers to access your offers without ever leaving the Facebook app.

By clicking your lead ad, customers will see a form that’s already filled with info they’ve shared with Facebook—like their name, number, or email. Here are some examples of a good Facebook lead ad:

Facebook lead ads #1.

Facebook lead ads

Facebook lead ads #2.

Facebook lead ad 2

Facebook lead ads #3.

Facebook lead generation ads


Why do I need leads?

A lead is a person or company that has shown some interest in the products that your company offers.

Without leads, sales cannot be successful.

One of the biggest goals of a successful business is to increase awareness and generate new leads. Therefore, generating good leads is just as important as refining your pitch or closing well.

Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. The buyer offers a free or low-ticket product or service in exchange of the customer’s email address or other personal information.

This way, the leads often have a higher conversion success rate than cold contacts because the prospect is pre-qualified and has already showed some interest.

Step-by-step instructions how to create a Facebook lead ad:

1. Log in to your Ads Manager account

ads manager account

2. When you click on “Create Ad”, the first screen will ask you for your ad campaign objective. Click, “lead generation” and name your campaign.

Facebook ads objective

3. Set up the audience you want to target with your ad. You can customize the target audience by a lot of target setting, such as location, age, gender, language, job position, or company size.

Facebook ads audience


4. Next, tell Facebook whether to automatically place your ad where it’s most likely to perform best, or you can customize where you want your ad to show up.

Fcebook lead ads placement

5. Now, customize your budget for the ad. If you are just starting out, start with a lower number, but give the ad at least 3 days to test, because Facebook needs some time to find your audience.

Facebook ad budget

6. Choose an ad layout format from the options on the next screen, and create your ad.

create Facebook ads

7. Now create your sign-up form. You have some drop-down menus here, we will go through each.

Facebook lead ads optin form

8. Next, choose which information you want to collect from your leads on the “questions” tab. Make sure to only ask necessary questions for your funnel; the more questions you ask, the lower your click-through rate is likely to be.

Facebook lead generating ads questions

  9. Next, check the setting for the privacy policy on your ad. Add the link to your privacy policy.

priacy policy on Facebook lead ads


10. Finally customize the Thank Your Screen. Insert your website link in this option so the user can visit your site after submitting the form. It’s a great place for a tripwire (low-ticket) offer.

Facebook lead generation ads thank you page

11. Don’t forget to double check and proofread your work! 12. Click the “Place Order” button.



Facebook lead ads are designed to easily collect email addresses and other information from users without leaving the platform.

The lead ad can contain text, an image, video, or a carousel followed by a lead form when the user clicks the ad.

You need to offer a valuable incentive to encourage users to provide that information. Lead ads are simple to set up and with the right creative assets, they can deliver warm leads for your business.

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