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How can a chatbot help your business? – Messenger Marketing Solutions

How can a chatbot help your business? – Messenger Marketing Solutions

By on Nov 27, 2017

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The future marketing tool
Facebook Messenger chatbots!

What is a Facebook messenger chatbot?

What if you would have a super loyal employee who works 24/7 12 AM to 12 PM (also on holidays), never complain, and do exactly what you tell them to do? Who hardly ever makes mistakes, never forgets important things, and works 100% effective all the time? Can handle hundreds of customers at the same time? The best thing is he doesn’t ask for salary.

Sounds good?

Chatbots help you make automated conversations with your customers who are on Facebook (about 100 million Americans).

You probably ask: Does it work in my market?

Of course!

What do you do when you open a business? Hire an employee, right?

So why are your website, webshop, landing page (your sales channels) are empty now?

Would it be great to have someone to communicate with your visitor and help them find what they need? Like a super high quality customer service.

Here are some examples how can a chatbot help your business:

Help 1.

Do you have a website with different products in it? Sometimes your customers can’t decide which would they buy? Make your chatbot as a sales person! With pre-written questions and keyword settings, it can figure out what your customer needs and help them find the product that fits the best for them. This chatbot works as a sales representative and absolutely automated. You don’t have to do a single effort. Just let your bot answer customers questions and help them finding the best fit.

manychat video course

Help 2

Do you have simple products that can be sold on the internet (food, flower, gifts, jewelry)? Your chatbot can make the ordering process easier, and increase your sales. One of the first chatbot ever created was for online pizza orders. Dominos, Pizza Hut and Teco Bell set up their own chatbot as an answer. If you sell pizza, hamburger, or fast food, I have good news for you: you can automate the whole ordering process in your chatbot. But it’s not only for fast food orders. 1-800-Flower also created a chatbot, and increased their sales with 70%. If there is an online ordering process in your business, you can use chatbots for them.

Help 3

Do you have just a few products that you sell in sales funnels? Even if it’s physical or downloadable product, there is a way to fit a messenger bot in the funnel somewhere. Your bot can “give” them your lead magnet, and can retarget them with pre-written messages to build trust, and convert them to buyers, and collect additional information from them. With a well designed chatbot, you can build a list of leads (then retarget them later), segment them based on additional information they provide (so you have to put the effort only for well qualified leads), and have a conversation with pre written questions and answer options to convert them to buyers (or download your lead magnet, visit your landing page, or call a number).

Help 4

Do you need a customer service specialist but you don’t want to spend $30-50,000 on their salary?
One of the most effective functions of a chatbot is to handle customer questions and complaints.
In my experience, customer service specialists ask 90% same questions, just from different customers.
So why don’t we automate these questions and let the chatbot ask and answer them?
The bot will communicate with your customers 365/24/7 without waiting on hold, immediately.

chatbot blueprint

How to create a chatbot?

Based on your goals create a flow of the process with the path for your goals..


Give your chatbot a name, personality and voice tone, so you can be sure he fits in your company’s style. Or hire a chatbot builder!


Write the content, program it, and make it living inside. After you are done, just click a button, and activate it and make it work forever. Here is a step-by-step article how to build your bot in ManyChat.

Do you remember the amazing open rates and click through rates in email marketing 10 years ago? Things changed. 20 years ago you were one step ahead of your competitor, if you had a website. Now this is a must have.

15 years ago you increase sales if you used AdWords well. Now this is one of the basics.

10 years ago you just bought some backlinks, and Google ranked you on the first page. Now you have to work hard for it.

5 years ago you had a bunch of leads from Facebook for a few bucks, now some industries pay tens of dollars for a single lead.

What is similar in these techniques? We still use them. But you can be one step ahead your competitor if you react fast, and adapt new trends fast.

Marketing6pack Facebook

Messenger chat bots – the next trend.

Of course emails changed the word. Messenger is the next huge progress in communication (we use FB messeger daily in our private life)

The question is: would you take advantage and sit in the front row, or wait 2 years when every companies will use it (include your competitor)?

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