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How marketing makes sales smooth and easy?

How marketing makes sales smooth and easy?

By on Dec 15, 2016

As a business owner, you might struggle with one or more of the following:

  1. You feel that being “good at sales” means being pushy, and it makes you uncomfortable
  2. You think that customers hate sales pitches and won’t buy your products, so you lower your prices

Selling more product or services is NOT about sales. Can you imagine a world where all you do is create strategies, focus on your customers, keep current customers, and get a steady flow of new customers who want to buy your product, regardless of price?

You can easily do that if you include one simple step before your sales efforts: marketing.

There’s no doubt: the marketing and sales functions of your business are joined at the hip.

What does marketing do?

An effective marketing program:

  1. Creates a list of potential customers, then
  2. Grabs their attention, and
  3. Gives them a call to action to make them take the first step to sales

Marketing does all this, not sales!

All of the early steps, from finding them to getting them in the door, that’s the responsibility of marketing.

What does sales do?

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Of course, you can try to find your potential customers, harass people and push them to buy, but it’s something like asking Picasso to paint the basement. Let Picasso do the art, and let your marketing take care of the rest!

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