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How your blog can help with sales?

How your blog can help with sales?

By on Jan 10, 2018


Everyone is doing it.

But does it really help sales? And if it does, how?

Many small businesses think that blogging can bring results only for big companies. But blogging success doesn’t depend on the size of the company.

How blogging can increase your sales:

  1. Attract new customers

Everyone wants to get new potential customers! And not just that, you want to attract the right customers.

When you can write about their problems and their pain points, they will happily read your blog. While they are reading, you have a chance to introduce your company.

  1. Generate traffic

Content marketing and effective SEO can work together to increase traffic on your site.

Every blog post is considered a new page for Google, which in turn gives you a better chance to be found online. You consistently create new content that contains keywords, keywords that people often search for. Also, a blog creates more engagement, and gives a reason for people to visit your site (and find your product). Blogging will also help improve your search engine rankings.

  1. Convert visitors into leads

In order to get leads, you have to be visible to your audience. Blog posts are a great way to do that.

Place calls-to-action on your blog page that will guide your subscribers to a sales funnel, where you can send them more blog posts, or promote your product. These CTAs could be on the sidebar, in a popup, or in the blog posts where it’s relevant.

  1. Grow Your Email List

Every marketer knows that growing an email list is essential for campaign success. If you place CTAs to subscribe to your newsletter, and provide great information, you can grow your list.

Adding an incentive is another way to turn visitors to subscribers. You can create a PDF of your best blog post, and give it away as a lead magnet. Once someone is on your list, you have the chance to build trust and to get them interested in buying your product.

  1. Increase credibility

Building trust is key for increasing sales. Simply put, people buy from companies they trust.

Sharing your knowledge on your blogs can position you and your company as a trusted authority. By providing helpful, informative, and useful information, you can build trust with your audience. Readers will see you as an expert, and you will come to their mind when they need your product.

  1. Build a community

Everyone is going social nowadays. There are communities everywhere on the internet. You can allow customers to interact directly with you through comments. Frequent commenters can even be interviewed about their problems, something that can interest other readers, and you can build a new blog post around it.

  1. Answer questions

Consumers often have many questions they want answered before they buy a product. You can answer these questions through blogging.

With blogging, you reach people who are already interested and actively searching for a topic. Provide them the information they need to know, and they will come to you.

You can even create a FAQ blog post.


Does your company still not have a blog? I hope you have changed your mind about blogging after reading this article, and are inspired to create your own.

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