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Is Your Company Productive? Or Counterproductive?

Is Your Company Productive? Or Counterproductive?

By on Feb 9, 2017

You know it, I know it:

The image of a company reflects its owner

If you want to understand most companies, especially small businesses, look at the owner.

This will allow you get to know about the brand.

The owner’s point of view, habits, and strategy shape the company. If the owner is productive, his business is charging forward to reach its goals, create content, and sell effectively. On the other hand, if he is counterproductive, the company often goes in a far different direction than it should.

Let’s see some of the key traits that can be counterproductive, and how to avoid them.

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Think about your marketing tools: what really works? And which are the ones that don’t work, but you just do them to make feel like you are doing something for marketing?


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