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Lead generation strategies your competitors don’t use (Video)

Lead generation strategies your competitors don’t use (Video)

By on Sep 16, 2018

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Lead generation is one of the most important goals of your marketing.

It’s all about finding new people who are interested in your product and them in your sales funnel.

When we talk about lead generation, we automatically think about lead magnets and opt-in forms.

But there are other lead generation strategies in your marketing that help you generate new leads, or qualify leads who didn’t take action in the first place. Here are some of my own lead generation strategies:



Conduct market research

Research new industry trends, research the customers, and your competitors.

Collect everything that gives you information you can use to make better decisions.

Think about it.

After some quick market research, you know your customers’ needs, you know the trends, the advertising platforms, and know what your competitors are doing wrong and how you can make it better.

You know where to advertise, with what message, and to whom. The chances of getting interested leads are higher than if you would just shout out a boring message to everybody who might be interested in your products on every marketing channel.


create good lead magnet

Active marketing channels

Which marketing channels you use has a huge impact on lead generation.

There are online and offline marketing media.

The traditional marketing channels have become less costly, so if your target audience consumes offline content (read magazines, watch TV, sit in their cars, ride on the subway, etc…) it’s a good idea to take a look at TV or radio spots, newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, and direct marketing.

But online marketing channels give a better conversion rate, therefore they are more expensive. If you are online, and do a lot of activity on the internet, carefully select the marketing channels you wish to be active on.

Take a look at the market research you conducted in the previous step. Where do your customers hang out? Which marketing channels do your competitors use? You have to be there where you can reach the most people of your target audience at an affordable price.

Lead magnets

Lead Magnets are part of the lead generation.

It’s pretty obvious, right?

What can be a lead magnet?

A free product sample, an event, a video, a downloadable pdf, a cheat sheet, a quick checklist, an infographic, a picture – everything and anything that you can use to get people’s attention and push them into your sales funnel.

You usually get their personal information (email address, phone number, physical address) in order to get the lead magnet. Collect only the most important information – it depends on where you want to communicate with these leads – on the phone, in their mailbox, in their email, Facebook messenger, etc.

Follow up

You can generate leads from those who didn’t qualify in the first place by sending them a follow-up message.

You can do it manually (call them back, or send them another email), or by retargeting those visitors who were on your website, but didn’t opt in. Do you have a strong follow-up system?

If somebody showed interest, when do you send an email to them? What is in that email? When do you send your offer and how? Follow up strategies are part of your sales funnel, and if you don’t have one, you should build it because you can convert far more leads to customers than if you would just let these prospects go.


There are many other lead generation strategies besides offering a lead magnet.

If you carefully research these areas I showed you, and create a strong strategy, you will have far more leads and therefore your lead generation costs will be less expensive.

What else do you use for lead generation?

Share it with us in the comments.


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