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My favorite Lead Magnet designs

My favorite Lead Magnet designs

By on Jul 26, 2018

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The lead magnet is the first impression with your lead.

Who never heard about you before, or at least never interacted you.

They don’t follow you on Facebook, and don’t consume your content. Therefore you need to offer an incentive in order to get their personal information, their name and email address (or anything you collect from your leads).

But how can you offer it?

What are the best lead magnet designs you can inspire from?


lead magnet design 1

Lithium has this long-form lead magnet.

They have nicely done body copy – a couple paragraphs, a bulleted list, and their contact information.

They ask for more information from the lead than usually, but they need it for they profile of work.


lead magnet design 2

I like the graphics of this lead magnet.

It’s basically THE lead magnet in a well-created picture that shows it’s a book, and what’s in it.


lead magnet ideas digital marketer

Digital Marketer’s Facebook ad that they promoted their lead magnet.

  lead magnet design offline

A lead magnet shouldn’t be only digital. In this example they created a physical DVD as a lead magnet.

One thing is sure: they stand out from their competitors.


lead magnet ideas

They provide a detailed blog post (more than 5000 words) and if you want to save it for later, they can send it to your email address.


lead magnet design with picture

A beautiful minimal style lead magnet. Just a title, a subtitle, and a big CTA.


minimalist lead magnet design

Another minimalist idea from HubSpot


lead magnet example

I like this offer because of the fun colors and clean fonts.

It includes a social proof along with the title, description and CTA.


lead magnet designs

Along with the description, CTA and a picture, they shared their social media channels as well, to get more likes and followers.

Always share your social media channels where you are active on, if this is one part of your marketing.


lead magnet design 4

The colors and contrasts make this lead magnet offer stand out.


lead magnet title

If you have a powerful title, you don’t need anything else, just a short form


Marketing6pack Facebook


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