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Restaurant chatbot blueprint (copy and paste template)

Restaurant chatbot blueprint (copy and paste template)

By on Jun 14, 2018

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If you have a traditional restaurant with catering and/or take out, a fast food restaurant, or delivery food service, this restaurant chatbot blueprint can help you in your business.

If you have a menu, a few different food options, and perhaps a few added services, you can literally copy and paste this template and set up your own restaurant chatbot.

Once the user starts a conversation with your bot, or types a keyword, for example “order”, you welcome them in your restaurant, and show your menu.

In this example, we used Gallery box and uploaded the menu with a picture, title, and description.

restaurant chatbot blueprint show menus

Let’s say they choose burgers. If you have different options, ask them here. In this example, we asked for vegetarian or traditional burgers. After they choose, you show the burger’s menu, using the “Gallery” option again, with small titles, pictures, and descriptions.

restaurant chatbot template burgers menu

Let’s say they choose “Avocado burger”. They immediately get a tag “avocado burger” so that your employee will see what they ordered – the tag they wear. But let’s see other options and tags too. You can ask them if they want additional items on their burger (extra cheese, meat, avocado, or nothing). They will get a tag if they choose extra options (that’s how you will know what they ordered).

restaurant chatbot in Manychat

If they are ready, they click on “No thanks” and finally arrive to the last tagging intersection: do they want it delivered, or they will pick it up in the restaurant? If you only offer delivery, or only pick up, you can skip this step. Of course, they will get another tag. So if you look at the customer’s tags, you will know what they ordered, and how do they want to receive their order. Time to collect their address and phone number.

chatbot for fast food restaurant blueprint last step

They get a confirmation, you get their personal and billing information, the tags with their order, and basically everything that is important for ordering food online.

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What are some variations you can think of for this type of chatbot blueprint, besides restaurants? Share your ideas in the comments!

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