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SEO Checklist: 18 easy ways to boost SEO

SEO Checklist: 18 easy ways to boost SEO

By on Mar 1, 2018

If you do content marketing, SEO is an important tool. Here are 18 great tips to maximize the SEO effectiveness of your site.

Follow this checklist, and while you should try to do as many as you can, keep in mind that it’s usually not possible to fix everything.

  1. Install Google Analytics 

You’ll be able to track things like how much traffic you’re getting from search engines, which pages are getting the most organic traffic, what’s the bounce rate, who your visitors are and where they are from, and many other important metrics.

  1. Look for broken links, errors, and crawl problems 

Broken links, missing titles, and crawl errors make it harder for search engines to find your content and drive traffic to it.

Use Xenu’s Link Sleuth, which is a free and helpful tool.

  1. Perform keyword research 

Understanding the terms that people use when they search, and the intent behind them is crucial to your SEO strategy.

  1. Try to get your primary keyword into your page URL 

Keywords in the URL give a significant boost in search engines. However, you should avoid stuffing your URL with keywords.

  1. Use hyphens to differentiate words in hyperlinks 

The structure of a URL matters. It’s important, to keep your URL as simple as it can be and use hyphens to optimize your URLs.

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Conclusion (SEO checklist)

Follow this SEO checklist to boost your site’s SEO.

But keep this in mind: SEO is about delivering useful content to the right users.

You want to do more than improve the technical aspect of your site. You also have to deliver great content that is up-to-date and unique.

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