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Tactics you can use to make a customer buy again

Tactics you can use to make a customer buy again

By on Nov 12, 2018

1. Upselling

“Would you like fries and a drink with that?” this is the famous question that makes hundreds of million dollars for McDonalds.

Robert Cialdini talks about it in his book “The Psychology of Persuasion”. He calls it the contrast principle.

It comes into play when two different things presented sequentially, feel more different than they really are. For example, lifting a heavy object followed with a lighter one. You will feel the lighter object is even lighter after lifting the heavy one. Or after a loud party, sitting at home on your couch feels quieter than it is. The same happens with price.

After they bought the most expensive item, the price for the suggested add-on feels like nothing.

Another example is when I go for shopping for a dress. When I get to the cashier, she asks me if I want a belt or a scarf which matches the dress. Or a pair of shoes. They are cheaper items than the core product, but also relevant, so the buyer can use them with the product they bought. And it can double your profit.

Amazon does it extremely well when they say “People who bought X also bought Y.” Or “Because you bought X, you might need Y and Z.”

2. Ascension

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