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The perfect chatbot flow

The perfect chatbot flow

By on Jun 28, 2018

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The 4 main elements of a compelling chatbot flow copy

Many marketers think that writing a chatbot flow is a quick task that only takes a few minutes.

It is not.

You have to craft a compelling conversation with engaging copy if you want your chatbot to succeed.

Just like we plan and create our email messages that we send out to our list, you have to plan and really think out your chatbot messages.

Here is a short guide of what to focus on when you are writing any messenger bot flow:

  1. Have a goal in mind

Like every good marketing plan, a plan for a successful chatbot message also starts with setting up goals. Without goals, you don’t know if your message was successful or not. Find out what your business needs the most. Then translate it to the bot.

Set up clear, realistic goals before you draft out your messenger flow.

Your goals could be a number of things:

  • Get new subscribers
  • Get new leads
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Customer support
  • Educate

When you are setting up your goals keep the customer’s needs in mind. It sometimes overshadows your business goals.

chatbot blueprint

  1. Clear Call To Action

A call to action (CTA) is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it.

You can now create a clear Call to Action based on the goals you set up in the previous step.

The worst thing business owners often assume when they write sales copy is that their customers know what they have to do. No! It might seem surprising, but the majority of people don’t realize what the business wants them to do or simply don’t take action unless they are specifically asked to do it.

And don’t be afraid to have a Call to Action; telling people what to do for the next step is not pushy.

Whatever your goal is, ask your subscribers to take an action.

  • Answer a question
  • Click a button
  • Visit a website
  • Download a pdf
  • Sign up for a webinar
  • Buy a product

Calls to Action work best when they’re not complicated. Give your readers only one option or step to take, otherwise they will be confused and won’t take the next step.

  1. Use fun creatives

Use emojis, pictures, gifs, smileys, pdfs you can attach. Mix it up. Make it fun.

the perfect chatbot flow emojis

Did you know:

Over 30% of the population use emojis a couple of times a day. 62.3% of people over 35 and 72.7% under 25 use emojis.

Use them if they are:

  • Relevant
  • Interesting
  • Helpful in describing words or feelings

More stats about the benefits of visual content:

  • 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business.
  • When people hear information, they are likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. Source

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  1. Make it conversational

Think about it. What do you do when chat with a friend? It’s in the word “chat”. You make a conversation. Asking and answering. You have to mimic the same process in messenger.

Ask them questions. Give them options to answer or choose. Give them buttons to click and brief replies they can respond to quickly.

Ask them what are they interested in and tag them to be able to send them relevant information.

A good approach is to plan the conversation out on a sheet of paper sheet and really think about the flow of the conversation as if you were talking to a friend or coworker. Ask yourself what should your chat partner say? How should they react? Answer all of their questions, and give them choices to engage with the conversation.


If you follow these 4 steps, and integrate them in your chatbot flow, you will be one step ahead in reaching your goal.

What other elements are part of a good chatbot flow copy? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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