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The pros of writing a monthly email newsletter

The pros of writing a monthly email newsletter

By on Oct 25, 2017

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Why write a monthly newsletter?

  • An advertisement can get stuck in a customers’ “Ad filter”, which helps them block “junk emails” intended for sales. However, a newsletter goes through. Why? Because it’s interesting, entertaining, and useful.
  • The newsletter builds your relationship with your customer. When they read your newsletter, they are thinking about you.
  • The newsletter can arouse a potential customer’s curiosity. With slow and steady work, you can convert an “interested” lead into an actual customer.
  • A newsletter can be your lead magnet. If your newsletter produces amazing results, you can promote it in your ads. It’s easier to get a potential customer to sign up for a free newsletter than open their wallet.
  • You can educate your readers about your industry. People enjoy getting interesting and relevant information that informs and entertains them.
  • You can demonstrate to your customers that a cheaper product may be less suitable or desirable.
  • A monthly newsletter allows you to present yourself as a subject matter expert (SME). This can strengthen your reputation, build your brand, and helps develop your customers’ trust in you and your business.
  • With a newsletter, you can let people see the real you. This helps people know that they are dealing with a person, not just a faceless company or automated machines. It gives people a chance to get to know you a little bit, and see you in a different light.

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Best practices on your email newsletter:

If you consistently provide interesting content and exciting headlines, you can entice your customers into opening your emails or reading your flyers. That means that the next time you send them an offer or promotion, they are more likely to read it.

Balance your newsletter content to be 10% promotional, 90% educational subjects

Let’s be honest: your subscribers don’t want to hear about your products and services all the time.

In your educational newsletters, get rid of the self-promotion and focus on sending your readers helpful, relevant, and timely information. Unless you actually have an exciting, campaign, leave out the promotional parts. Send them tips that demonstrate your expertise, company news, Questions & Answers, industry news and trends, testimonials or case studies.

Always rotate the topic, don’t send the same type of message over and over again. It could get boring if you were to write about your offer in every email. Or just give helpful tips, over and over. You have to find that fine line that allows you to provide valuable content with diverse and interesting topics to keep your customers and prospects engaged.

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