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Understanding the Facebook ads structure

Understanding the Facebook ads structure

By on Jul 14, 2018

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The Facebook ads structure has 3 different levels: ad campaign, ad sets, and ads creative.

They are referred to as ad objects.

  • Campaigns contain ad sets
  • Ad sets exist a level below campaigns, and contain ads
  • Ads belong to ad sets, which in turn belong to campaigns

Editing an existing ad set will affect all the ads that the ad set contains. Editing a campaign will affect all the ad sets that is under that specific ad campaign. Imagine a pyramid structure where changes at the top flow downhill, but a change at a lower level does not go uphill.

Campaigns: objective

Creating and structuring your Facebook ads start with creating a campaign or campaigns. Create a campaign by selecting an objective for the kind of results you want for your ads. Your ad sets, your targeted audience, your placements, and ads will focus on that objective, as well.

This helps Facebook determine the best ad placements, formats, and calls to action — and delivers your messages to the right people.

Facebook ad structure campaigns

Create separate campaigns for each objective and goals.

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Creating a Facebook ad is just one part of the process. To create a successful ad campaign, you must also have an ad strategy.

You can figure out which approach works best if you test different ad campaigns, ad sets, and ad creatives, and measure the effectiveness of each. If one doesn’t perform well,  simply turn it off and forget about it.

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