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Where is your marketing leaking? (Video)

Where is your marketing leaking? (Video)

By on Sep 19, 2018

Where is your marketing leaking?

Lead generation

Well, the first part is for marketing tools that you generate leads with. Find and put new people in your sales funnel who are interested in your product.

Fill this part with marketing tools you currently use to generate new leads.

What marketing tools can you use?

Everything which is market research. Research new industry trends, research the customers, and your competitors. Everything that give you information you can make better decisions with.

The second marketing tool for lead generation are the marketing channels that you are active on. For example one of my marketing channel is Facebook. My company is on Facebook, and right now, I am using Facebook Live as a marketing channel.

There are online and offline marketing medias. The traditional marketing channels started to be less costly, so it’s a good idea to take a look around TV or radio spots, newspaper, magazines, flyers, direct marketing.

Lead magnets are in this part too. It’s pretty obvious. A free product sample, an event, a video, a downloadable pdf, a cheat sheet, a quick checklist, an infographic, everything that you can get people’s attention and push them into your sales funnel.

Fill this part if you have a follow up system. How to follow up these prospects? If somebody showed interest, when do you send an email to them? What is in that email? When do you send your offer and how? This is also part of your sales funnel, and you have to build in it if you don’t have yet, because you can convert much more leads to customers if you have a good follow-up system.

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