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Which is the best marketing tool?

Which is the best marketing tool?

By on Feb 9, 2017

If you know and use these marketing strategies, you have a chance to grow your business, and achieve a steady stream of new customers. But if you don’t use it, your success will be up and down, at the whim of the marketplace. You won’t have control of your results.

Most small business owners ask me these questions:

  • Which is the best marketing tool to use?
  • Should I advertise here and here?
  • I just saw an awesome advertising opportunity, should I invest?

What do these questions tell me?

That most of your advertising is ad-hoc and you are just reacting to opportunities and acting on whatever ideas come to mind. You know you need marketing. You see other companies advertisements. But you don’t know what to do. Start a blog? Advertise using a banner? Run a direct mail campaign? Distribute flyers? Which should you choose?

So you decide to create a bunch of flyers and send them to everyone around you. That’s it. Marketing done. You’re advertising like everyone else. You spent the budget you wanted to allocate for marketing, and now you’re done. Now it’s just time to wait for success to knock on your door, right? Wrong!

The right mix of tools for your specific situation is critical to your success.

So how should you choose your marketing modules?

The main marketing goal

The primary goal of marketing is to generate new customers, all the time. Wouldn’t you agree?

The primary goal is NOT building your name or taking care of your customers. If you don’t constantly work to gain new customers, your name or your existing customers won’t do you much good, at least not for long.

Can you achieve this by spending your entire budget on a single marketing campaign over the course of a couple weeks or a month? Or a marketing campaign that you only activate when things get difficult?

The key is constant marketing

The most important marketing tool is something that you keep running constantly, and helps generate unlimited new customers all year. Every day.

This is very important. Read it again!

This is the foundation of the house. The seasonal campaigns may be the walls, and one-time special projects are the roof, but your consistent core marketing campaign is the solid foundation on which all else must be built. If you don’t have your foundation to generate new customers, you will be disappointed soon. I guarantee you.

If you have to choose between a consistent marketing campaign or a great and fancy marketing campaign, choose the first one. Consistency is the key to making your marketing successful and making your business compelling. You want to keep communicating your marketing message until every single potential customer remembers.

With a short-term campaign, you will never achieve this result. Only a consistent, never-ending marketing campaign will make a lasting, powerful impression.

The power of repetition

We are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, so it’s very difficult to grab people’s attention among all the clutter and noise.

There are some successful short-term marketing campaigns, but they never bring unlimited customers —typically just a few maybe for a few weeks or months.

However a constant campaign, communicating the same marketing message over and over again, will generate an unstoppable flow of long-term customers.

Ok, I want to be constant, but in what?

There are numerous marketing tools for getting new clients.

  • Posters – if you are local, you can choose a busy place to put your poster and keep it there forever.
  • Social media ads – keep running your best ad (you test which ads generate the best results, right?). Don’t change the ad, because you would have to restart your whole campaign. After you tested and found the best, keep it ad and run it consistently.
  • You can do a monthly product demonstration or event
  • weekly email newsletter
  • a monthly catalog
  • Bi-Weekly YouTube videos
  • Weekly blog updates

Until you have one consistent marketing tool, don’t think about seasonal campaigns. Do your homework every day, week, and month and your success will be unstoppable.

Now stop reading, and start creating your main marketing campaign!

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