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4 excuses why customers don’t buy

4 excuses why customers don’t buy

By on Feb 11, 2017

4 excuses why customers don’t buy and how to kick them to the curb

Have you ever asked this question? I mean, it seems like signing up is a no-brainer. The price is right, you’re great in what you are doing, and they have said need your product. Now I’m going to tell you the thoughts that are going through a potential customer’s head when they are interested in a purchase, and they know it can solve their problem, but they still don’t buy. Here are the most popular excuses:

1) It won’t work

There are two solutions for this kind of “NO”.

Give them examples. This is one of the best ways to make your DM, website, flyer, email, and social media posts more convincing and interesting. By using real world testimonials—a LOT of stories—you can overcome any doubt they may have about your ability to get results.

Are you collecting product reviews from your customers? If not, start it now! It’s a great marketing tool, and it also helps customers realize their own success!

Here is an article on how to build Trust in your customers

2) It’s not important

This is a challenge: if your customers don’t perceive the problem as significant, they won’t see a need to buy your product.

You need to demonstrate the urgency of the situation, and let them know that if they don’t take action now, they could suffer. Whatever their motivation may be, help them realize the importance of taking action.

3) I want to buy from another company

Do they say that they are interested in working with you, but they flirt with your competitors?

This is a clear sign that you didn’t position yourself well enough. You have to stand out from your competitors and offer something that is unique to your customers. Otherwise, your customers will believe that they can get the exact same service/results from your competition, as well.

And please, don’t try to be different by lowering your prices. There are far more important factors for a client than price:

  • Are you different from your competitors (are you the best solution for a specific problem they have)?
  • Is your offer better (the price is just a part of it—the service and results is far more important)?

4) Maybe next week/month/year

If the customer thinks that they can wait another month, they will wait another 3 months. And then another 6 months. And… And…

It’s your responsibility to paint the picture of how terrible it could be if you don’t start to fix the problem right away.

One of the methods I use in this situation is asking them a simple question: “If you would have started this 6 months ago, where would you be now?”

Now, that you know some of the favorite excuses, get a step ahead of them and be prepared to overcome these barriers—before you even hear the excuse!

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