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Write a successful re-engagement email, and win back your subscribers

Write a successful re-engagement email, and win back your subscribers

By on Apr 14, 2018

Before you re-engage your subscribers, you NEED subscribers. Here is a free ebook: how to create a lead magnet so desirable that qualified prospects gladly exchange their best contact info just to get their hands on it.

While email is a good way to connect with your costumers, the open rates and the engagement level is not linear.

The customer relationship doesn’t always go in a straight line from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

If you have “sleeping” subscribers – those who don’t open their emails from you, and don’t engage with your content – don’t panic. Before you unsubscribe them from your list (or they unsubscribe themselves sooner or later), you have another chance to get them back on track.

How do you plan and complete a re-engagement email?

Here are my tips:

  1. Define inactive subscribers

Before you do anything to re-engage inactive subscribers, first find out who is inactive.

Usually marketers say anyone who has not responded, opened, clicked, or acted on any email sent in the past 6-12 months is inactive.

  1. Make sure your emails are relevant

People are overwhelmed with email these days.

A  recent study by the Email Stats Center states the average subscriber receives 11 commercial messages each day via email, 9 via Facebook, and 8 via Twitter.

Providing relevant information, based on the interests and specifics your subscribers provided when they signed up, makes a big difference in your success rate.

Keep your emails 90% educational and 10% promotional.

Here is a blog post on what to write in emails other than promotions

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